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Fraction Collector, CF-2, Spectra/Chrom

Fiyat Sorunuz
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The CF-2 includes a powerful peak detector that lets you separate the low-level "in-between" material from the peaks. Simply connect the chart recorder output from your detector to the input of the CF-2 and you can put different amounts in the peak and non-peak tubes as well as keep your peaks more concentrated by separating them from the non-peak material. Add a 3-way diverter valve and you can skip collecting the in-between material altogether!


While most chromatography needs can be met with the standard CF-2, options are available that can expand its versatility:

Collect up to 29 fractions from each of 4 separate columns simultaneously with the 4-column adapter.

Short on bench space? use the mast package to move other instruments and accessories up, out of the way.

Worried about dust or other contamination when doing long collections? Then use the dust cover to reduce the chances of this happening.

Special Features of the CF-2 Include:

Collects up to 174 fraction

Cold-room compatible

Includes tube racks for 12 or 13 mm diameter tubes

Includes drop counter

Includes peak separator

Tube sizes from 10 to 18 mm diameter

CE marked & complies with RoHS

CF-2 Fraction Collector Technical Specifications:

Tube Capacity:   174 12 or 13 mm tubes

116 10 to 16 mm tubes

116 18 mm tubes or vials

42 28 mm tubes or vials

Collection Basis: 6 sec to 999 min and 59 sec in 1 sec increments,

1 drop or volume to 9999 drops or volumes in 1 drop or volume increments.

Tube Change Time:    0.35 sec maximum within 12/13 mm rack

Dimensions:       28 cm x 12 cm x 40 cm

11 x 4.5 x 16 inch

w x h x l

Weight:      5 kg (10 lb)

Operating Temperature:      0°C to 40°C, noncondensing

Power Requirements: 115 ± 20 VAC, 20 VA

230 ± 40 VAC, 20 VA

Line Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz

Event Mark Output:     Open collector outputs, 1 for tube change, 1 for rack change.

Count Input:       TTL low or contact closure for 1 ms to 1 s, or drop counter. Maximum count rate is 5 per second.